Little Stakes

I have been learning a lot about our life together as Circle of Hope at Broad and Washington from the Stakeholders Blog discussion (which got 167 hits yesterday). One of the things I’m learning, again, is that there are a lot of little stakes being worked out there. It would be better if they all got together into a big mining company, but gold is being found, nonetheless.

At my cell last night one of the new members asked, “What is a ‘stakeholder?’”

After I explained it, I asked, “Did you read the email you got? It had an explanation on it.”

“I just read the title. I didn’t get to the email.”

So we decided there was an easy way to describe levels of entry into the process of being a stakeholder. Some people at least read the title of your email; that’s a start. That is apparently a deeper discipline than going to the cell meeting, where there might not be time to talk about what committed people do with their common mission and life together after we have finished talking about me, mom, our opinions and how good these snacks are. Then there are the people who read the leaders’ emails. Then ones who click the link and go to the BW Stakeholders site. Then ones who read and then even comment. Then ones who click other links. Then ones who go to the meeting Feb 2. Then ones who talk at the meeting. Then ones who listen to others and don’t feel bad about talking or being talked to. Then ones who do something about what is being said. Then ones who lead us to fulfill the goals we’ve discerned.

I admit, I love the chaos of it. It invites the moment of creation. Our cell was a little disorderly last night, but full of re-creation. Christina was on retreat (which is great, and another story she can tell), so she gave me keys to her house (where we meet) and instructions on how to use the tape on the light switch to keep it on. (Don’t you feel like the light on your lampstand often needs a piece of tape holding your switch down so you can make a connection with the source?). Meron sang us a song representing his newly refound faith that was amazing – he was singing to his unbelief like it was an old girlfriend. Justin told us about the relationship breakthrough that started last week in cell.

And people kind of got involved in the big picture of Circle of Hope, too. They even pondered how they were going to make it to the PM on Sunday and why they didn’t (I have trouble with Christians. I had to get a tattoo. I forgot it was Sunday, etc). We started figuring out how to film Bobby so he could come to the Love Feast via video and make a covenant, since Saturday will always be the biggest night at the restaurant. The big ideas of the Stakeholders dialogue are getting worked out, but the way we seem to do it best requires a lot of small stakes to mine all the gold.

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2 Responses to Little Stakes

  1. Art says:

    At our cell last night Matt suggested that we also film the love feasts’ response to Bobby’s video covenant, so he can see us as we accept him.

    Side note: That was not what I expected to find under the hyperlink. Ha!

  2. Jeremy says:

    “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

    This is why I go surfing in storms.

    Youre description of cells not always being the place to get to the deepness is so what I needed to hear. Im so worn out from trying to make people do what they dont want to do. I am losing some old faith ways ive had that may need to go anyway. Letting go is hard, but im seeing an opening when some people Ive been working with are gathering up their little stakes and joining the community endeavor. Thos kind of reckless acts are so energizing to me. My heart is in this and it gets crushed and uplifted every day.

    I too love, Rod, how you can use something as abhorrant in my mind as a gold mine and turn it into a metaphor for community. Yoiure the best at making something out of nothing / anything…..kind of like when you told me thats what God does…..he makes people out of dirt. humans=humus.

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