Nineteen Flame-tending Women, to Start

I think it might be a nice tradition to honor Brigid on her day by honoring the kind of women who tend the fire of the gospel. If you read the original post, it is all about great Christian women throughout our history. You might like to add to the list by honoring one of your most recent inspirations! Leave a comment!

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February 1 is Ibolc. It marks the first stirrings of spring in Ireland. St. Brigid’s Dayis attached to it. Candlemas is also attached to it, marking the 40 days after Christmas when Mary went to the Temple, with baby Jesus in tow, to honor the rules for being ritually purified after giving birth, and thus meeting Simeon and Anna. It’s the Candle Mass in the old days because everyone in Ireland brought their special, home-use beeswax candle to the meeting for a blessing. As with all the big days of the Christian year, Brigid’s Day is all mixed up with legend, the seasons of paganism, and arguments over what is the best way to observe the day.

I’m not bothering with the controversies too much. I feel free to strain out good things from not-so-good things whenever I can. I’m into “testing everything and holding on to what is good” as Paul instructs the Thessalonians to…

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One Response to Nineteen Flame-tending Women, to Start

  1. swithrowking says:

    These women come to mind:
    grace – sacrificial and wise
    kyle – passionate and dynamic
    rachel – constant, kind, present
    beth – endurance to overcome hardship and supportive coach

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