Set the Holes Aside for a Day and Eat Cheese

Jonny gave a replay to this. Why not?

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I am one of those people often accused of being anti-American. That’s not true. I am not anti-American, I am just so pro-Kingdom of God, it looks like I am anti-American in comparison. If I get thrown in a lion’s den  (like Daniel) or if I get run out of Thessalonica, (like Paul) for not pledging my allegiance to whatever power is usurping God’s place, that would be an honor. So I suppose that compounds the issue.

But I don’t think Jesus is anti-American in the slightest. So I am not. I doubt that he’s happy about everything the government does, but I leave that to him to work out. While He is working on that, I have no doubt that he loves every American right down to the hairs on their heads — and I know he loves his people who are all over the fifty states. Did you know there are over…

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Pastor for Circle of Hope. Graduate of Fuller Seminary, PhD in MFT from Eastern University.
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