2014 #10 — Six reasons why we can’t care about Palestine

For the next few weeks, Thursday is TOP TEN of 2014 day. This is the #10 most read post. In July, I tried to sympathize with people who are having a tough time with our radical ideas about attending to the sins of the world — like the oppression, violence and apartheid in Palestine.

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Why can’t we care about much of anything beyond getting through this week?

I suppose a few of us feel some crushing guilt when we hear such a question. A few of us effectively screened out questions like “Why don’t you care?” a long time ago; we exempted ourselves, because we don’t want to feel guilt anymore. It crushes us.

Ideally, we think of ourselves as caring people. If we are Jesus followers there is quite a bit of pressure to care about others. I think most of us think we are doing OK at meeting the standards. We are probably more caring than other people — especially Israelis who are creating an apartheid system in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and Palestinians like Hamas who would sacrifice their whole people for their ideology.

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You probably are more caring than they are, and I like to think I am too. But…

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Pastor for Circle of Hope. Graduate of Fuller Seminary, PhD in MFT from Eastern University.
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One Response to 2014 #10 — Six reasons why we can’t care about Palestine

  1. Crazy. I was just thinking about how frustrating it is that my family does not care about Palestine. Then I log into wordpress and here is a legitimate reason. Thanks Rod!

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