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Tributes to St. Valentine

My tributes to St. Valentine. 1) A poem about his obscure but courageous-sounding history [link] 2) Making a connection with poor Whitmey Houston [link]

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Even my stable?

Advent is always so revealing. Yesterday I wrote a pensive little psalm about it. I was just plain distressed about that stable and that vulnerable baby in it being the incarnation of God in the world. The call to be … Continue reading

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Pentecost on Memorial Day Weekend.

1) Memorial Day is a hard one. It really means something significant and is sad on so many levels. It is sad that we ignore it as we go to the beach. It is sad that it is “religious” and … Continue reading

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A Psalm for 2012

When Gwen and I spent a couple of days on Kent Island in December, I imagined what it must have been like to be the first English settlers there. Even now it is something of a “nowhere.” When we crossed … Continue reading

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Memorial to Brendan

St. Brendan made a big impression on me from afar. When I visited Ireland on pilgrimage, I was impressed in person. We made many what-we-considered-brilliant navigation decisions to find his final resting place at Clonfert Cathedral. While it hadn’t been torn … Continue reading

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A Psalm — for Courage

I wrote a small psalm to share with the main mother in my life and she thought I should share it with you. I have been admiring the film-makers who are the prophets of the unbelieving world, these days. They are … Continue reading

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Kristen and the Sword of Wendell Berry

I have been meaning to tell this little story about Kristen for a few weeks. The Monday after resurrection Sunday seems like a good time to tell it. Our good feeling of new life is going to meet up with … Continue reading

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The Real St. Valentine

This poem reflects the theme of our benefit last Friday night that promised to uncover the “real” St. Valentine. I’m not sure the event did that, and I am not sure this poem does much better, since it references later exaggerations as … Continue reading

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Poetry in the Face of Power

Several people asked me for a reprint of the poem I quoted last night, so I thought I’d offer it to everyone. Creating is a sure way to reveal the creator; the creator reveals himself in our creativity. By re-imagining … Continue reading

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The Common Loneliness — Francis Day 2010

On Francis of Assisi Day, 2010 It could have been that Francis Crawled out into the bushes of La Verna to die Like an old alley cat — Scrawny from fasting And disappointed that his dream turned so human. Or … Continue reading

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